Y2017 goals update

As mentioned yesterday we have sit together with my wife and ran trough Y2017 goals that I have set also thought about other goals that are more or less important then ones that I’ve set. It it really important that both of us would be on the same page. As SMART goals middle letter says goals has to be Agreed upon. So without more further introduction here is what we ended up with:

  • Goal #1 – Have a baby. This is the main goal for our family for Y2017. Yes we are planning to have one! 🙂 Whats a family without children – a couple. Also I think that children is you legacy at earth. It is the ultimate thing that will stay behind you when your gone. Sure some people can do great jobs that they will be remembered, but only few make it to history books and even lees are know for centuries, but your children, you grandchildren and their children will be something that will walk the earth most probably forever. I think that whats makes us imortal – our children 🙂
  • Goals #2-3 – remained sale two financial goals that I have set earlier: 2) Save 15% of income. 3) Have Total investment value 25 kEUR. But one thing changed – I moved 4th goal – Earn 500 EUR of dividend income to long term goal and modified it to:
    • 500 EUR of Forward Annual Passive Income (FAPI). At the moment my FAPI (Ill be using this term a lot so get used to ir :)) is 329 EUR so goal is 2/3 completed. already You can monitor the progress in our Portfolio page.
  • Goal #4 – Visit a new country. We used goal setting technique by writing 20 goals that gets into your head. Then exclude 10 that are less important. Then talk about remaining 10 and chose 5 that are most important and then you rank those 5 by importance. Besides baby that was #1 in both of our list there was also Visiting a new country. We travel to a new Europe country for holidays since we met more then 5 years ago. First trip was to Northern Italy. Then second to Greece Kos island. Then we had our honey moon at Malta and 2 years before extreme holidays at Italy’s Sardinia and visiting Rome and Berlin on our way home stooping for 1 day in each of these cities. Then we had trip to Spain last year. We staid at Majorca for 7 days and had quick 1 night + 2 day stay at Madrid. I find such visits very effective when you rest at some resort and then visit some capital city for 1 extra day on your flight back home. For one reason I noticed that is actually cheaper to fly a capital city and then fly from it back home + you have have a full day to look at one of Europe’s capital cities (√Rome √Madrid √Berlin -London -Paris)
  • Goal #5 – Repair kitchen balcony. One thing that was on my wife list 🙂 As I spend my saved money on ‘those share things that cannot be touched’ she spend money on home improvement. Can’t argue it nice to live in repaired home. And we are doing it quite smart as we repaired 4 rooms for quite low prices as we done floor and walls our self 🙂 Not it’s time for kitchen renewal. We have a balcony from the kitchen, which have old wooden glass and also old wooden glass that separates balcony from the kitchen. Our idea is to have new good windows at the balcony and remove windows separating kitchen from the balcony totally making it one larger room. This will cost us aprox. 1-2 kEUR, but that the price for living not alone 😉 And cant argue with my wife as I always complain that we spend a lot on home repair but after it is done i’m very happy with the result 🙂
  • Goal #6 – Run 300 km. These are my personal sport goals as it is very important to stay fit, because i’m at my early 30’s and later it will get bad if I don’t work out. My wife is actually 8 years younger so she laugh at me and say that she will live longer then me anyway and it is my problem to live healthy life if we want to die together 🙂 Can’t argue statistic is totally of my side. Men live average 10 years fewer + 8 year younger wife so I will have to live 18 years more then she 🙂 Year before I have set 600 km goal which was way way to heavy. This year i’m cutting it by half. By now I have ran only 20 km so its a lot way to go. Since I have only 8 month and 280 km to go that will take me 35 km/month to reach my goal. Actually achievable as I managed to run +50km/month at my peaks.
  • Goal #7 – Run a half-marathon 21 km. Another personal sport goal. For few years I have run mini marathons for 10 km at September and always wondered to run with the bigger boys at half-marathon. So I challenged myself and actually challenged my fiend and a coworker to run it. Challenge is one of best motivators for species called Homo sapiens.

So these are our and my main Y2017 goals. You are welcome to visit our Goal page and look at their progress.

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