Health improvement – meditation

Some time ago I have wrote about one of my health improvement methods that I use – cold showers. This morning routine does wonderful things to your body and mind 🙂 Steeping out of your comfort zone and refreshing both body and mind. Cold showers do have positive effect on your immune system. Also cold showers kicks out all the toughs out of your mind.

Now I would like to talk a little bit about other health improvement that I mentioned in a post – How I improve my health is Meditation. A thousands of years old practice that improves your mental health.

For some time I’ve been using meditation app – Headspace. It is a wonderful program for such DYI guy like me who is not willing to go to yoga class or other places that teach you meditating. I like the simple way that it teaches you to get your mind to become more clear, calm and relaxed and the small animations is also very cute 🙂 Its actually funny how much we are all engaged in thinking – what about that, what about this, did I done that, do I need to do this…. And this has one very good comparison to your PC. You know what happiness when a lot of programs run at one time, your computer starts lagging. Same thing with your mind. Sadly I have dropped the meditation for some time last year, but i have restarted it again from January. So I recommend you all to try this app for first 10 days. I’m trying to meditate each morning, so far so good 🙂


  1. Good luck with the mediation. It is very challenging to quiet the mind. I like to try it too, sometimes when I’m stretching and breathing deeply it will just come natural. Tom


    • Hi Tom. You should definatly try that headspace app. 10 day is free. An it has the biggest impact when you try it for the first time. Now that im goinh trough it again it does not create that big possitive change and that a bit disapointing 🙂 Just to think that it is quite hard to just sit and dont think about anything for 5-10 minutes 🙂


  2. Hey, I hope this is going well for you. I meditate too, not sure if I’m doing it ‘right’ but it definitely helps slow down the mind & reduce worry.

    I use the mindfulness app.

    Right now I’m also looking at EFT (tapping) & Binaural beats… not sure if they are 100% scientifically certified but they are worth looking into if you have time!


    • Glad to find fellow meditaror 🙂 Well now im 1 month into steady meditation each morning. Have to stay on course, because previpusly droped it for halfyear. Most important that it becomes something natural like brushing your teath each morning 🙂

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  3. Meditation helps a lot to deal with daily stress. I’ve used paid subscriptions for both Headspace and Calm.

    Headspace is more expensive (at least was when I used the last time), but the animations are so adorable! Also, it’s much more structured.

    Meanwhile Calm gives a different daily meditation and also has sleep stories. I have problems sleeping, so that helped.


    • Yes meditation is really a great thing 🙂 And yes Headspace animations are lovely. I suppose this app is good for me. The price is really low if you buy annual membership.


  4. I meditate too and I’m a personal finance blogger. I have noticed a few personal finance bloggers saying the same thing here. I wonder if we could get some type of PF blogger meditation group together? What would be a good forum?


    • Hi kralsteiner. Nice to know that there are more of us 🙂 I guess it is normal that smart guys like us are looking for ways to improve our both physical and mental health. And the best way to improve mental health is meditation 🙂


    • Sounds like a great idea =)

      I’m probably not the best person to offer suggestions on this (lol) but to start, a good option could be to make a list on Twitter and start a dedicated hashtag (#MoneyMeditators or #PFBM {personal finance blog meditators} for example)

      Maybe not ideal but an easy enough start.



  5. Waking up at 4:30 AM and meditating has made a lot of difference throughout the day.. The day I don’t meditate, the day is not as good as the other days.


    • 4.30 am! I’ll have to try this some time lol

      & yeah I feel the difference when on days I don’t meditate 😦

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    • Hi there. Nice to hear from a fellow meditator 🙂 Yes, meditation is a powerful thousend year old mind hacking tool. I was getting up at 6.30 but now im up at 5.30 or 6.00 and waiting for alarm. I think I will start using this extra time 😀 Try adding cold shower. A killer coctail 😉

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    • Ou and 4:30 looks a bit extream to me but 5:30 more or less oki. Now im adding yoga to my morning exercise as I have more time in the morning due to early waking up 😀 yoga+mesitation+cold shower… just not to get too energized and overheat 🙂

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