My investment financial analysis

For some time now I was thinking about making my investment portfolio financial analysis. My last peer comparison was done with purchase of AEP, when I done a short comparison of Utility stocks. Then I thought why can’t I do the same with my 10 US stocks that i’m currently invested in. To have a look what is cooking at my own portfolio 🙂

What I see is that none of my investment are overvalued if looking at Forward P/E. Telco’s are even undervalued. Yield is a bit on short side for JNJ and INTC, but it is compensated by their lower payout ratio and strong balance. Don’t like weak capital of VZ, GIS, TGT and AEP, but they are still in more or less rational levels in today’s crazy market (no companies with negative equity). Most of my investments are low leveraged (NetDebt/EBITDA <1,5), with some exceptions to KHC (compensated by good capital ratio and yield) and AEP (higher leverage ok for Utility).

When looking at my portfolio average all ratios are more or less ok, except Capital ratio, that i’m not happy with. If looking at which company to invest in (except Telco’s that I have large enough exposure already) PG and PFE would be my choice. If not looking to bit low present yield INTC and JNJ would be also good pretenders with their strong balances.

What would be your choice from this list?


    • Hi Tom. Yes JNJ was my first US investment. Love their financial metrix. I will extend the list with some potential 10 new companies: CSCO, KMB, HRL, K, OMC, ABBV, GPC, LEG, SON, UN when have spre minute to put their financial metrix 🙂 list of 20 is a good place to chose. Any more investing ideas anyone? 🙂

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  1. I’m not sure P2035, but I would choose them all. Basically, spread my money across the various companies and do that regularly. Not the answer you were looking for, but it’s my approach to investing.

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    • Hi DP. Brokers in my countey does not have such option so its 500$ investments for me 🙂 Either way nice to hear that there is no ‘why you invested in this’ companies 🙂 Whay about watch list I mentioned in comment before? Which would you add to the list first?

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      • You read my mind 🙂 I would have gone for PG or JNJ. Buuut im now open for US REIT as my bank decided that its ok now. Dont know if reit provided that aditional info or something else but reit is available for me. Now im chosing between OHI or O. First has huge yield, some S/T issues but good L/T perspective due to olding population, Second is total oposit has lower yiels as i would prefer >5% for REIT, but has no S/T issued dividend increase is stable, but qestipnd re L/T perspective as portfolio is dominated by retail and as we know it it threatened by internet sales. Hard to decide. Im very disapointed that I missed OHI and O dips at <30$ and <50$.

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    • You read my mind 😀 I would also go for PG and JNJ is the second chpice 🙂 Yee done like oil companies, KO, PEP and MCD. MCD especialy with their negative equity. They are not only serve unhealthy food but also lives only from debts. Zero (negative) shareholders money in the balance.

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  2. Hi P2035 as current/ex investor in Baltic stocks – last days Tallin Port as dividends orientated stock has announced their IPO details. Have you had chance to look through? Any comments or plans to participate? 🙂

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  3. Using the P/E alone is not enough. You have to ensure that the required return = expected return. If the dividends rise the share price must also rise so that the expected return will be equal to the required return.


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