1 Push-up challange

I would like to share one little secret recepy of how to improve your health and to be more physicaly active and healthy.

As you know I have my ways How I improve my health. Each morning I try to do exercise, take a cold showers and then finish the morning routine with a meditation. These 3 things makes me feal very energysed. I don’t even have to drink coffe 🙂 Ofcourse from time to time I skip these morning routines or even abandom them for halfyear or so. But what is most important I alwats comeback or at least try to.

Now what relates to the post name in November I started thinking of gettin back to my sport activity after usual halfyear fallback. Had no mood to start full morning routines so I decided to start low and slow. With a 1 pull-up each morning. It takes only 3 seconds and is quite easy to do. So I started doing it and done it without a skip every single day. It’s 3 seconds and just one pull-up, right 🙂

Now the magic started to work after a month. I started doing streches again, then a cold sower and a meditation and before you know it im back to my full morning routines from new year. Its January 15th and I havent missed a single day 😉 What relates to pullups right now im doing 3 improved (with leg raises when pulling up) each morning.

Magic right. And it all started with 3 sec of my morning time of just 1 pull-up each morning. So I dear YOU to do a 1 push-up chalange (pullups might need specific equipment). Each day no matter what that you do a 1 push-up or pull-up.

Sounds super easy and takes only few seconds of your time. And after month or two you will see the magic happin when 1 push-up will start fealing to easy and boring 😉 Building a habit for full excercise is tiring and exhausting. I know that from practice. There are days when you want to sleep extra 10-15 minutes, but then 3 seconds of sleep is not something to miss. There are days when doing 10-20 push-ups is not possible, but 1 is something that you can do even after the bigest party of your life 😉


Has joined the challenge. Anybody else? 🙂

  1. * 20 pull-ups in one row until end of y2019
  2. ** 1 minute plak each morning


  1. interesting.. I take your challenge. 1 pushup a day. That is definately low and just like you i will probably do a couple extra. Just need that first one to get ya on the ground and into position!

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  2. This is just like dividend growth investing. Passive income built one share/one dollar at a time. Those small drips add to some powerful returns over time. Same thing with these exercises. All it take is just one to get into a routine and before know you it your body is transformed for the better. Good stuff. I do the plank. Just 3 a day, one minute each. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi DivHut. Yes you are absolutly right 🙂 1 month has passed. Did not missed a day. Doing 4 pull-ups each morning now.


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