Goal #5 Completed

Yes, we are fast with our y2019 goals this year. Yesterday we have bought a semi-new 2016 Toyota Corolla that has runned just 13.400 km (!) for 13 kEUR. This was done with a leasing. I know I know this is not what DGI do. But inerest were only 2% and I had not enough cash at my hand.

So the math on leasing was: 20% downpayment – 2,6 kEUR (borrowed from my mom again 🙂 ). Remaining 10,4 kEUR leased with 7y tenor. Monthly payment – 133€ + 50€ full insurance. Thats 183€/mo on our spending or 2,2 kEUR annualy. But hey, we have spend +1kEUR for repair of a car that does not work, so for our family spending this will not be a major increase. Also more saving on fuel. All in all we are happy about the buy. I think this was a good buy. We should have a normal working car for next 10-15y.


    • Hi Tony. Nope no Tesla for my 🙂 Too pricy and no EV infrastructure were I live. Such new car price is 17kEUR so somebody paid 4kEUR just to have it in a garage for 3y 😀 It is basicaly brand new, just that guarantee is expired but as almost all of people I know say that Toyota will last for another 10y without any major repairs. Ofcourse if there if no fault in the spacer between the seat and a weel 🙂

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  1. Awful decision. Why would anyone pay 13k for a 3year old out of warranty corolla?

    Could’ve spent half of it and invested the rest. For a slightly older car you wouldn’t need to buy kasko full coverage for 50 a month which is >33% of your car payment. Because you are now in a fear that someone will scrape or steal your ‘new’ car.

    If you wanted a new car so badly you could’ve bought Kia ceed for 15-17k and have 7year warranty


    • Yes and no. This car will last for 10y or so. Older car = more repair. As I mentioned I have spent 1,5kEUR on pur 17y renault and it was still not working. Now that was stupid 🙂 thing is that this car is almost brand new with 13 th. Km runned only. Warranty is not an issue for toyotas, they dont start breaking untill 100k km and I still have 87 k km 😉 thats roughly 5y. Kasko… well to some extend you are right, but it is for my wife who is afraid to drive in a city.


    • Read your post and nice decision from your side 🙂 If I was you I would do the same but the car is not used only by me. My wife also use it and frankly saying use it more then me as I go to work with public transport. Used citybee for few months and its a bit anoying that you dont know if your going to get the car that you need. And we need this car for our little ones stroller and other stuff. The car needs to be on hand. Yes we could go for rent like you do but it a bit different 🙂 either way very good decision from your side 🙂


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