2020 Q1 Dividend income

Finally some fresh air in this crazy world – dividend income of 2020 Q1. As I bite my nails due to early purchases and Lesson learned – stick to your strategy. It was refreshing to see all of my new purchases paying thouse high yield dividends and all hitting my account as planned. My main new dividend generator Baltic Horizon just announced defer of rental payments for its SME tenants for 90d. I support such move. Its very likely we will see drop in dividend payments, but im ok with that. Another great news is that my good old dividend payer – Tallina Kaubajama just announced that they will pay 0,73€ dividends in 2020 or +0,02€ from Y2019 when they paid 0,71€ and that makes it +3€ of additional post tax Dividend income for us this year. Again im ready to take the dividend cuts in my Baltic portfolio and oil companies. Big yield comes with big risk.


2020 Q1 Dividends:

So onward with numbers. This quarter a whooping 125 EUR has hit our account that’s more then 41 EUR/mo. Now that’s something tangible and nearly double the 69 EUR received last quarter all due to my latest purchases: Baltic horizon, BP, and RDSA. On top some small dividend increases by T and PFE adding another +0,6$. More will follow in Q2 as dividends from later investment will join. All of this actual cash flow growth makes me happy that i chose dividend investing path. Cash is the king these days you know and it happens to be that I have some flow of that goody, cash flow that is 😉

Company Dividends in EUR / (in USD / Change)
Baltic Horizon Fund 42,0 EUR (+42,0 EUR)
AT&T 18,2 EUR / (20,0$ / +0,4$)
British petroleum 15,6 EUR (+15,6 EUR)
Royal Dutch Shell 13,2 EUR (+13,2 EUR)
Exxon Mobil 8,3 EUR / (9,1$ / – )
Verzon Communications 7,8 EUR / (8,6$ / – )
Kraft Heinz 7,6 EUR / (8,4$ / – )
Southern 5,9 EUR / (6,5$ / – )
General mills 4,3 EUR / (4,8$ / – )
Target 4,2 EUR / (4,6$ / – )
Pfizer 3,8 EUR / (4,2$ / +0,2$)
American Electric Power 3,5 EUR / (3,9$ / – )
Proctor & Gamble 3,3 EUR / (3,7$ / – )
Jonson&Jonson 3,0 EUR / (3,3$ / -)
Total 140 EUR (+69 EUR) / (78$ / +0,6$)


    • Yee three digit quarterly dividends looks very lovely 🙂 Thers more in Q2 also my annual Baltic dividend payments will be at this quarter. Nice to see thei increases it, however im ok with cuts knowing whats the situation.

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