2020 Q1 Sports

So how are we doing at sports. Actualy quite nice 🙂

  • Run 300 km.

Durring first two months I managed to run 55 km or 18% of the annual goal with 28 km during March by going out for a small 1 km run in the morning so in March I manages to do over 25km/mo. which corelates to my Y2020 Goal to finally run 300 km this year.


  • Loose weight to 85 kg.

I started to track my calories with Samsung health and my fitnesspal. My average calories received with food ~2,4k and my average burned calories is ~2,5k so each day I have -100 calorie deficit. And here is the result:


Yes im under 90kg now. If I will continue with this treand I will reach the 85kg goal next quarter.


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