Project 2035 is 3 year old

Just realised that the website is 3 years old. The beginning was the first post 3 years ago. So lets see where we are right now:

  • One and a half year ago The big day has arrived! and we became a family of 3.
  • And roughly half-year ago we had Guess what #2! and we will soon be a family of 4 🙂
  • Just wrote 100th post. Durring 3 year received 8.909 visitors or on average near 3k/year.
  • Portfolio stands near 17,5 kEUR and generated near 1 kEUR/year of passive income
  • Going back to Why Y2035 and calculation behind it we see that our actual dividend income stuck in 0,4 kEUR mark for past few year is behind but y2020 dividends should be over estimated 0,8 kEUR mark.
  • With 15y remaining we are 5% in progress of financial independence.

So that it for this little wrap-up. Time fly, wonder how this will be in 5y or 10y 🙂


  1. Congrats P2035 for your third blog anniversary and your results. Looking forward to seeing how things look in a few years.

    Keep it up 🙂


  2. Congrats, happy birthday 🙂
    I want to encourage to keep it up 🙂
    I am seeing the best yours investment. 2 kids 🙂 Good luck with them. on my pocket is a almost 3 years old boy 🙂 Not so easy with him, but you can find the happiness with kids 🙂


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