2020 Q2 Sports

Ok now onward to sport stuff. Things were very good until May when I stoped with sport 😦

  • Run 300 km.

Durring first halfyear (actualy first 4 months) I managed to run 89 km or 30% of the annual goal. Later on zero in May (exept first day with 5,5km) June and July. I still have 5 months and bit over 200km. Thats 40km/mo. Hard to do but lets see if I manage to break 200km this year at least.


  • Loose weight to 85 kg.

Then weight stuff. Done well until start of May. Today im back to starting 93kg. Managed to bring down to 88kg in just 1 month so this goal is doabls.


So the situation with sport and healt goals is bad, but still not lost 🙂 

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