Recent buy – Intel (INTC)

Bought 12 shares of Intel (INTC) for 49,6$/share. Total cost – 513 EUR (595$) Annual post-tax dividend inome – 9,4 EUR. Yield on cost – 1,8%

Funny fact, thia was actualy repurchase of INTC shares as I have divested 17 of then at beginning of y2019 for 52,8$/share. Yes I bought them back slightly cheaper, but since I sold it with big profit taxes took all the benefits, also sale and buy commissions did not helped as well. Never the less this purchase was into diversification. With EPS of 5,44$ share look undervalued with P/E just 9,1x. Dividend yield is low 1,8% after-tax, but payout lands to just 24%, hence great potential for increase. Company has great balance sheet with equity ratio of 53% and low leveraged of just 0,3x with 26 bn$ cash 38 bn$ debt and 39 bn$ EBITDA. Together with latest CSCO purchase this completes my Tech position. I find these two tech companies normal valued compared with crazy price of MSFT or APPL.

This purchase increased out forward annual dividends over 850 EUR mark. For now that is it as I drained my cash reserves to the minimum. Now lets collect the new dividends 😊


    • Yee, now I see that sale of shares few years ago was a bad decision. Same with PG. No more sale of good shares when their prices has jumped. Unless its MSFT or AAPL stile growth 🙂


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