2020 Q3 Sports

Since Q3 is overs its time to check how is our sports goals doing:
  • Run 300 km.

Weeel not so dandy 🙂 During last 3 months I run only 17 km and most was during last 2 weeks of September. Sum of 2020 – 106 km  I was totally out of my running stuff. Now renewed 1 km run each morning before job. Its only 7-8 min. no phone browsing in the morning and no problem with timing 😉 Sad I will definitely fail this goal yet again, but what I realized I need to do small constant running, not jump in with 5-10 km runs, but small and constant runs. For running to be come my L/T habit.

  • Loose weight to 85 kg.

Now what about weight lose? Well I’m not gaining any at least. Back to calorie counting. No limitation for now. I’m at 92 kg right now. This goal is totally reachable. Need to eat less fat and sugar, that’s all 🙂 Easy right? 😀



  1. Hey! 🙂

    Doesn’t the newest science says eat healthy fat? Fat will make you feel full for longer and is healthy. Of course, as long as it isn’t French fries or chips.

    The idea of just 1km every morning is appealing. This makes you fully awake, but not tired at all. I bet it’s better than any coffee. That’s also what I miss now working 100% remotely… I can’t cycle anymore, so no way to fully wake up.


    • Yee, plus cold shower and meditation and your full of energy 🙂 best part of that 1km run is that it actualy take only 10min incl dressing undressing ect.

      Remote working is a thing, especialy with 2 small kids 🙂

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