Double the bet – Ignitis group

Bought another 25 shares of Ignitis group for 20,7 EUR/share. Dividends – 1,13 EUR/share. Yield on cost post-tax – 4,6%. Forwad annual dividens added +24 EUR.

As you know I recently had My first IPO – Ignitis group. Share price of Ignitis went down -8% after IPO I decided to buy in some more. P/E declined bellow 15x and div. yield increased over 4,5% so to my understanding this is a very good metric for Utility with electricity and gas grid monopoly and focus on renewable energy. I think this company deserves 1k EUR in my portfolio. Lets see what the future will bring. Looking at the whole market to my understanding this share is undervalued.

This purchase has increased my forward annual dividends to 905 EUR. Inchimg back to 1 kEUR mark 🙂 Should reach it next year if for ex XOM or BPY will not cut their dividends.

One comment

  1. Well im here with them for long run so ok with 2025 or 2030 🙂 I think they should stick with dividends ir earning are in line and they should be as this is 90% regulated monopoly. Well their trash burning units start operating much faster.


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