Milestone – 1.000 EUR in forward annual dividends!

As one unexpected event of Baltic horizon raising back their dididends boosted my forward annual dividends to over 960 EUR I decided to finish 2020 strong and get over that 1 kEUR mark 🙂

Since Baltic horizon was doing so well i added 300 more units to have a nice round 2.000 of BH for 1,13 EUR/unit. With 2,6ct/quarter dividends this has boosted my forwar dividends by +26,5 EUR (post tax) and jucy yield on cost 7,8%.

Then came another buy – Ignitis group. Share price slided down further to 19,75 EUR. Bought 14 of them which added +13,5 EUR dividends with yield on cost 4,9%.

Both of these purchases increased our annual dividend income by +40 EUR just over 1.000 EUR annual forward dividends. So 2021 should bring us 4 digit dividend income. Lets celebrate this very important milestone that we managed to accomplish at 2020! 🎆✌🍾🏆


  1. Way to finish 2020 strong p2035. Awesome job. 2020 was such a bad year otherwise, but can’t wait to see how 2021 treats you. Maybe I can get close to your mark by the end of 2021, but we will see. Let’s keep each other motivated and good luck with the recent stock buys.


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