2020 December dividends

December dividends💰 – 146 USD / 120 EUR. YoY growth +4x👍

CompanyDividendsYoY growth
🌱AUGA (bond interest)60,0€New
🛢Exxon Mobil9,1$unchanged
🍅Kraft Heinz8,4$unchanged
🔌Consolidated edison5,4$New
🛢Royal Duch Shell4,4€New
🔌American electric power4,1$+0,2$/+5%
💊Johnson & Johnaon3,5$+0,2$/+6%

And we finish the year strong with 3 digit income as all dividends have already hit my account. Well almost half of that was AUGA🌱 annual bond interest payment, but still thats x4 more then in 2019 December when we got 36 USD. 6 new payers, 1 lost (Divested TGT). XOM🛢 and KHC🍅 kept their high dividends unchanged. 4 old dividend payers JNJ, AEP, PFE and SO paid me almost +1$ more then in 2019. Buck by buck the snow ball rolls 😉💰

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