Y2020 Dividend income

In Y2020 we received 867€💰 passive income or +126%↗️ growth from 383€ in Y2019.

Most of the growth came from new investment in Baltic horizon🏢, which has actualy decreased its dividends in 2-3Q, so I expect some increase there in 2021 as well. A surprise increase in Q4 was one of best news in this dividend cut year. My first buy of Baltic horizon came at 2019 November. Then gradually boosted it to my #1 investment with 2.000 units, 2,5k€ invested and 177€ post-tax dividends expected going forward.

Then there was Tallina Kaubajama🛒 – my most stable and successfully Baltic investment. With some additional shares purchase in 2019 December this was my second largest dividend payers in 2020. In 2021 I expect some dividend decline as covid-19 has hit the company quite hard. That’s what happens with consumer cyclicals, same happened in 2009. Well im sure they will recover. Hopefully will snatch some more shares if price dips in case of fewer dividends.

Then we have British petroleum⛽ – invested twice at 2019 December and later Catching the dip – British petroleum (BP). Actualy didn’t caught that dip as oil went down and BP slashed dividends by half. Anyway BP dividends remain quite good and I should get over 60€ in 2021 if nothing changes and thats 3,9% cost on yield. Im ok with that and hope that BP will evolve to one of largest renewable companies in the world in the future.

4th we have Brookfield Properties🏢 – very sad had to make Change of investments, due to some issues with LP us tax. Was very happy for their paid massive dividends and no covid dividend cut. Either way got 380$ capital gain + 91$ dividends. Thanks BPY for ROI +30% from 1.540$ investment in less then a year.

And top 5 ends with another old buddy of our AT&T📶 which paid 1,6$ more then in 2019.

Rest of the list is bellow. 26 dividend payers, 12 of them are new. I think overal this was a good year 🙂

Company2019 Dividends2020 DividendsYoY
🏢Baltic Horizon Fund137,2€+137,2€
🛒Tallinna Kaubamaja79,9€118,8€+40,9€
⛽British petroleum78,8€+78,8€
🏢Brookfield Property91,1$+91,1$
🌱AUGA (bond interest)60,0€+60,0€
💧Tallinna Vesi39,3€51,6€+12,3€
⛽Exxon Mobil9,1$36,4$+27,3$
🚬Altria Group35,6$+35,6$
📶Verzon Communications33,0$34,7$+1,7$
🍅Kraft Heinz28,0$33,6$+5,6$
⛽Royal Duch Shell26,1€+26,1€
🥘General mills19,2$19,4$+0,2$
🏢Simon Property group18,2$+18,2$
🛠Hariju Elekter17,9€14,0€−3,9€
🔌American Electric Power15,3$15,8$+0,5$
🚿Proctor & Gamble18,6$15,4$−3,2$
💊Jonson & Jonson13,1$13,8$+0,7$
🏦Wells Fargo8,8$+8,8$
🔌Consolidated edison5,4$+5,4$
💻Cisco Systems3,8$+3,8$

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