Y2020 Sports

Y2020 Sport and Health goals📌:

  • 🏃‍♂️Run 300 km. (Actual 174 km) – Failed
  • 🏋️‍♂️Loose weight to 85 kg. (Actual 89 kg) – Failed
  • 💪Join the Riflemen’s Union. – Failed

So long story short I failed at all 3 😊 but the running and weight lose result was way better then y2019: 

  • 174 km vs 90 km👍
  • 89 kg vs 93 kg👍

Overall I run almost twice as much then in 2019 and lost half of the overweight. That 1km run at the morning does its work. I consider that a good result. Joining the Riflemens union same as Holliday was disrupted by covid lockdown. Sure I could do that on summer, but then we had even more priority – 2nd baby. 

As always lets keep the failed goals📌 for next year 2021 🤗🎉


  1. Running 10km uses ~ 900 calories. 1kg of fat is 9000 cals.

    So no, 1km run does not help to loose weight much:) but not saying it is bad for your health, keep on running:)


    • Well weight is lost when you use more calories then you eat and 1km minirun adds +90cal to burned ones 🙂 according to my app 100cal deficit leads to 1kg loss in a month, so I think thats the right path. Im not into extreme weight loss but a gradual one. Plus its had to find halfhour for a run with 2 small kids.


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