Y2021 Goals

And here is the wrap up of 2020 goals🎯

  1. Have a 2nd baby👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 – COMPLETED!!!
  2. Save 20% of income💰 – Failed (10%)
  3. Run 300 km🏃‍♂️ – Failed (174 km)
  4. Loose weight to 85 kg🏋️‍♂️ Failed (89 kg)
  5. Holliday visit a new country✈ – Failed, covid-19
  6. Toilet and bathroom repair🛠 – Completed
  7. Accumulate 10 kEUR in cash💶 – Failed (2 kEUR)
  8. Join the Riflemen’s Union💪 – Failed

As my wife joked she completed all of her goals and its my problem that I failed in my 😆 So the main and the most important #1 goal was completed The big day has arrived #2! and now we are a family of four👨‍👩‍👦‍👦! Then we failed at 2020 saving goals💰 and I failed at 2020 sport goals🏋️‍♂️, but both saving and sport results were better then in 2019. Toilet and bathroom were repaired and I could not joint the Riflemens union and holliday at new country due to covid lockdown ☹ Cash accumulation failed at the worst possible way, but I had Lesson learned – stick to your strategy. No more cash accumulation as central bank printers will make the cash value evaporate.

For Y2021 no more babies 😆 I put the failed goals for saving, running, weight loss, holliday and joining the Riflemens beck to 2021 list.  Then lets put the budget:

  • INCOME📥 – 25 kEUR / 2.080 EUR/mo.
  • EXPENSES📤 (80%) – 20 kEUR / 1.667 EUR/mo.
    • Fixed expenses (50%) – 12,5 kEUR / 1.040 EUR/mo
      • Mortgage🏘 – 2,5 kEUR / 210 EUR/mo
      • Student loan🎓 – 0,2 kEUR / 20 EUR/mo
      • Utilities🔌 – 1,8 kEUR / 150 EUR/mo
      • Car leasing🚗 – 2,2 kEUR / 185 EUR/mo
      • Health💊 – 1 kEUR / 83 EUR/mo
      • Fuel and public tr.⛽ – 0,8 kEUR / 67 EUR/mo actual 1,4 kEUR / 117 EUR/mo
      • Food and household🥘 – 4,0 kEUR / 450 EUR/mo actual 7,9 kEUR / 658 EUR/mo
    • Flexible expenses (30%) – 7,5 kEUR – 627 EUR/mo.
      • Holidays✈ – 2 kEUR – 167 EUR/mo
      • Son baptisms👶 – 1 kEUR / 83 EUR/mo
      • Wife eye surgery👓 – 1 kEUR / 83 EUR/mo
      • Home repair🛠 – 1 kEUR (840 EUR rep. to mom) – 83 EUR/mo
      • Clothes👕 – 1 kEUR / 83 EUR/mo
      • Other🛒 (gifts, online purchases, ect.) – 1,5 kEUR – 125 EUR/mo actual 4,2 kEUR / 350 EUR/mo.
  • SAVING💰 (20%) – 5 kEUR – 413 EUR/mo.

This year budget looks to be much more tight and I doubt that it is reachable with estimated 25 kEUR income. As fixed cost have to fit to 12,5 kEUR and unchangeable cost for loans, utilities, leasing and health is 7,8 kEUR that leaves us with only 4,8 kEUR for food, households and fuel. Actualy people spend that much but we spend almost x2 of that according to our 2020 Budget or we have a 4,5 kEUR gap😬. Then flexible cost that needs to fit to 7,5 kEUR. Here we put expenses for some of goals that we together put on our new year goal list using SMART Goal technique:

  • Holliday visit a new country✈
  • Son baptism👶
  • Wife eye surgery👓
  • Visit 10 places in our country📍

These 3 will cost us aprox. 4 kEUR (conservativly). Then there is 1 kEUR for small home repairs and payment to my mom for Kitchen and another 1 kEUR for Clothes and that leaves us with 1,5 kEUR for other stuff like presents, books, ect. Our actual spending was 4,2 kEUR so we have another 2,7 kEUR gap and that a bad thing as total gap makes 7,2 kEUR 😨 more then estimated savings. So looks like saving will be a challenge for 2021. Lets see how thing will work out 🤗

And the complete list of goals🎯 for Y2021:

  1. Save 20% of income💰
  2. Run 300 km🏃‍♂️
  3. Loose weight to 85 kg🏋️‍♀️
  4. Join the Riflemen’s Union💪
  5. Holliday visit a new country✈
  6. Son baptism👶
  7. Wife eye surgery👓
  8. Visit 10 places in our country📍

How was your Y2020 goals and what are your plans for Y2021? 😊


  1. Congrats on completing the most important goal for 2020 p2035. Despite the crazy year that was 2020, it’s awesome news welcoming your second baby.

    My next post will be somewhat similar where I determine how successful I was at completing my 2020 goals. To give you a preview, I only completed 2 out of the 6 goals I set for myself. Yikes. It’s all good though – as long as we are making progress from year to year.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how 2021 treats you.


  2. Yup as they say aim for the stars, land on the moon 😉 Well you’re already ahead of me and own your dream RE. My dream real estate – vineyard somewhere in southern part of my country.


  3. I have been following your blog since the start and you’re the one that lasts. You’re consistent and that’s the most important manner.
    I wish you all the best regarding your family goals!


  4. Great overview! Keep up with it -> you have already 4heads to take care 🙂 I do suggest think about next year budget forecast with baby centers costs -> which might be 100-500 EUR/monthly each. ( personal experiance, with >15Y personal finance management + 2 kids (private/governmental baby center mixture)


    • Thanks. Well actualy we are already half year into it and I think that food/pampers monthly cost increase already have that included 🙂 babies are not that expensive if you dont lose your head with buying everything nice. Most what they want is time with your


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