2021 January dividends

January Dividends💰 – 70 USD / 57 EUR. No dividends year ago

CompanyDividendsYoY growth
🏢Brookfield Property36,5$New
🚬Altria Group21,1$New
🏢Simon Property9,1$New
💻Cisco Systems3,8$New

As in 2020 October all dividends received at 2021 January were new YoY. As mentioned in Portfolio redistribution BPY will no longer pay us dividends, so sharp decline in April dividends and next first quarter months going forward until I will counterbalance it with something ☹ Recent buy – Reality Income (O) will add buck or so, but it will take time to fill up the gap for first quarter month.


    • Yee these names can be seen all around 🙂 well I will have negativr YoY from April as I had to sale BPY 😕 I have and eye on SLG that pays monthly as well. Need to move some cash to office class as O and SPG are retail REITs.


  1. nice P

    massive growth rate =)

    unfortunate about bpy, we have the same issue but that dividend would of probably been cut soon enough anyways.

    keep it up!


    • Well it was starting to look like that it will hold trough the bump like XOM is trying to do and XOM to my understanding is in worse position ☺


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