2021 February dividends

November dividends – 66 USD💰 / 55 EUR. YoY growth -27%🔻

CompanyDividendsYoY growth
🏢Baltic Horizon22,0€-20€/-48%
📶Verizon Communications8,9$+0,3$/+3%
🥗General Mills5,0$+0,2$/+4%
🚿Proctor & Gamble3,9$+0,2$/+5%
🏢Reality Income1,6$New

Yeee my Baltic REIT did it again and slashed dividends for Q4 to 0,011€/unit from 0,026€ at Q3 and 0,028€ 2019Q4. However fund clearly stated that it have hold half of funds that could have been distributed due to covid, so normalized dividends can be treated as 0,088€/y. This makes our forward projected dividends fall again below 1kEUR mark 😭 And the worst part is that my 2021 Feb dividends of 55€ was -27% lower then 2020 February 76€. Let hope that with spring and vaccination things will recover 😷 Recent buy – Realty Income (O) added 1,6$ to the pot. Next month SL green should add few bucks as well each month.


  1. Nice month, unfortunate about the cut though.

    Love that gd buy! keep it up


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