2021 March dividends

March dividends💰 – 79 USD / 67 EUR. YoY growth +10%🔼

CompanyDividendsYoY growth
⛽Exxon Mobil9,1$unchanged
🍅Kraft Heinz8,4$unchanged
💊Johnson & Johnaon7,1$+3,8$/+2,1x
🔌Consolidated edison5,4$New
⛽Royal Duch Shell4,4€-8,8€/-67%
🔌American electric power4,1$+0,2$/+5%
🏢SL Green Realty2,1$New
🏢Realty Income1,6$New

Ahh 2020 March, the beginning of covid-19. Back then we were shiting our pants, stockpiling food and preparing for zomby apocalipse scenario ☺ One year later and we are alive, ok and getting used to covid. Now 10 people dying each day is a new norm 😐 Vaccine is here and we have 11% most elder people already vaccinated, Israel has +50%. High hope for better summer🤞

Back to dividends. Durring 2020 I had a major dividend cuts for my European oil majors BP slashed divs by half and Shell even more by 2/3. As I doubled my BP holding divs are almost flat YoY. Never the less new buys of JNJ, ED, MMM, INTC, O, SLG managed to compensate the loss and even increase dividends from 61€ to 67€. And dividend payer list has grown from 8 to 13.

Now how does the quarter dividends looks like? With all the major cuts at 2020 I would say we have done very well – 179€ vs 140€ year ago or +28% YoY. As my European oil companies and Baltic REIT slashed their dividends by half or more US companies continued to grow plus all new investments went there. Steady nice growth chart 📈 something to remind me how we improved here during past 5 years😉


  1. I own just one of these guys ,JNJ. I would love to start building a euro income stream but I’m not sure where I’d start!
    Shame about the oil, but when it come back you’ll be in better shape


      • You have made my day! Thanks for the link . I think I’ll be busy this week looking into these .next step will be to see what the tax liability looks like between the diff countries/exchange ! Us withholding is annoying for foreign investors


      • Yeee 30% tax sucks 😦 EU companies apply same tax as you own country. Sad EU companies are not that evolved as US regarding dividends.


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