2021 Q1 Sports

Ok Q1 is over, lets have a look how we are doing at sport goals:
  • Run 300 km.🏃‍♂️

Y2021 first two months were really good, but then at march my knee got hurt and for almost a month had no run, but renewed running few days ago and managed to reach 63 km so I’m 21% of annual goal. Not bad position for off season. Just 12 km behind.

  • Loose weight to 85 kg.🏋️‍♀️

Next what relates to weight today I’m at 90,5 kg mark. Slightly above my 2020 year end result of 89 kg. Back to callory counting again and running so there should be progress at Q2. As you can see with callory counting and running I manage to lose 4kg in 2-3 month. Most important thing is to stay consistent and not lose focus.


How was your sport at beginning of 2021?


  1. You’ve remind me times when I was used to run a lot. I’ve been making a few hundred kilometers a month. O god, I missed those times…
    The best motivation is signing to half or full marathon events. You’ll have a deadline that couldn’t be postpone.

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  2. 100km nice. My best was 50km or so when I was preparing for military 🙂 Just do it, first kilometer is the hardest 😀


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