Y2021 Net worth update

Net worth increased +20 kEUR⏫ from 41 kEUR to 61 kEUR💰


Another year has passed and its time to review our Net worth, which i do at end of April. Last year I showed Net worth decline from 39 kEUR to 32 kEUR, as I estimates RE value decline by -10%, but actual result was +3%, so I readjusted RE value accordingly, this year RE value climbed up +7%.

Our liabilities:

  • Mortgage loan – 53,5 kEUR (55,2 kEUR)
  • Leasing – 7,4 kEUR (9,0 kEUR)
  • Debt to mother – 5,5 kEUR (6,3 kEUR)
  • Student loan – 1,7 kEUR (2,0 kEUR)
  • Total liabilities – 68 kEUR (73 kEUR)

All debts declined according to schedule leading to nice decline by 5 kEUR. At some point I’m planning to early repay student loan to save 1€/mo bank account fee and leasing to avoid 50€/mo car casco insurance. These two make the cost of debt a bit high. For now lets keep the debts as they are. 

Our asset:

  • Apartment – 74 kEUR (69* kEUR)
  • Investment portfolio – 43,9 kEUR (29,6 kEUR)
    • II pension fund – 18 kEUR (12 kEUR)
    • Shares – 24,6 kEUR (16,6 kEUR)
    • Bonds 1 kEUR (1 kEUR)
    • P2P – 0,3 kEUR (-)
  • Car – 8 kEUR (9 kEUR)
  • Cash – 3 kEUR (6 kEUR)
  • Total asset – 129 kEUR (114 kEUR)

As mentioned I have changes apartment price of last year as it turned out to be a weard recession with RE prices keep on clibing🤔 Largest increase came from shares +8 kEUR. Bounce back of price and new investments done their job. Same with II pension fund +6 kEUR. Apartment +5 kEUR. Car depreciated and cashh reserve declined a bit.

Double power for Net worth growth as assets and liabilities went on the opposite ways ☺ 61 kEUR is something big if you think of it.

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