2021 April dividends

January Dividends💰 – 213 USD / 177 EUR. YoY growth +22%🔼

CompanyDividendsYoY growth
🛒Tallinna Kaubamaja96,2€-22,6€/-19%
🔌Ignitis Group49,2€New
🚬Altria Group21,1$+9,3$/+97%
🏢Simon Property9,1$New
💻Cisco Systems3,9$New
🏢SL Green Realty2,1$New
🏢Realty Income1,6$New
🏢Brookfield Property-16,9$/-100%

2020 April dividend was 145€ so despite that I lost BPY and TKM decreased its dividends from 0,73€ to 0,6€ (shopping mall + covid) we still managed to bring a positive growth +32€ due to new investments in Ignitis, MO, SPG, CSCO, SLG and O. I’m sure TKM will recover and continue with the growth. Nice to see such long list 7 div payers in off month ☺


  1. Can’t argue with 7 companies paying you dividends P2035. I was thinking about CSCO. I had it in my portfolio at one point and I got rid of it, choosing instead to get IBM and MSFT. I may reconsider that decision later.

    Looking forward to seeing how you do next month. Also, thanks as always for your support to my blog.


  2. Nice haul P2035! I love CSCO and have a nice position myself. MSFT has long been on my list but never found the right price. I’ve bought IBM early on and it has been fluctuating a lot but dividend still appears safe. I do think the company has to reignite itself but to me it’s not a Kodak. Primarily due to their AI position and R&D.


    • Well yes IBM looks like adapted, but they are on a decline, question if that will be reversed. Lets see. Im into CSCO and INTC at the sector for now 🙂


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