2022 November dividends

November dividends – 54 USD💰 / 51 EUR. YoY decrease -39%

CompanyDividendsYoY growth
🚜Farmer loan16,2€+7,5€
📶Verizon Communications9,1$+0,1$
🥗General Mills5,3$+0,3$
🚿Proctor & Gamble4,5$
⚔General dynamics3,5$+0,2$
🏢SL green2,0$-0,1$
🏢Realty Income1,7$
🏢Baltic horizon-34,0€

Baltic horizon minor cheat with dividends by switching from quarterly to semi-annual so zero income this quarter. REIT is heavy hit with share price drop to 0,6€ or -40% YTD. Major issue with growing interests and maturing bonds. Well thats the risk of REITs, its not risk free. But im not buring them 🙂 Not the kind investor to drop it as the low. I can wait it out for few years just like with T. This REIT still has value.


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