Y2022 Passive income

In Y2021 we received 1 251€💰passive income or +20%↗️ growth from 1 045€ in Y2021.

This year #1 income genertor was Farmer loans interest🚜 – more then a year have passed since New investment class – crowdlending hit my portfolio and with 2k€ it generates most of my income. A year and zero defaults!

#2 Ignitis🔌 – its my #2 largest investment as well. Nice steady semi-annual dividend increase as promised in IPO. With price <20€ I might add few more shares.

#3 Baltic horizon🏢 – skipped Q4 dividends due to “switch to semi-annual dividends”. This heavy leveraged REIT might face major interest issue with refinancing of 50m€ bonds and EURIBOR closing to 3%. Dividend cut is more then likely in 2023 so the price has nosedived to just 0,6€. Well I still see some recovery possibility so I will hold.

#4 Tallina Kaubajama🛒 – dividends back to +100€. My oldest investment that I’m very happy of.

#5 Altria🚬 – so far so good tabacco industry remains strong.

Rest of the list is bellow. Total 29 dividend payers, 2 new, 2 divested.

Company2021 Dividends2022 DividendsYoY
🚜Farmer loans (interest)41,2€186,2€+135,0€
🏢Baltic Horizon Fund100,0€128,8€+28,8€
🛒Tallinna Kaubamaja96,2€107,5€+11,3€
🚬Altria Group85,4$89,3$+3,9$
🌱AUGA bond (interest)60,8€60,8€
💧Tallinna Vesi48,4€48,4€
⛽British petroleum63,5€38,0€-25,5€
📶Verzon Communications35,7$36,1$+0,4$
⛽Royal Duch Shell22,0€34,7€+12,7€
🍅Kraft Heinz33,6$33,6$
💊Jonson & Jonson29,3$31,1$+1,8$
🏢SL Green21,0$24,1$+3,1$
🔌Consolidated edison21,6$22,0$+0,4$
🥘General mills20,0$20,6$+0,6$
🏢Realty Income18,7$20,4$+1,7$
🚿Proctor & Gamble16,8$17,8$+1,0$
🔌American Electric Power16,7$17,8$+1,1$
🔌Enefit green15,4€+15,4€
💻Cisco Systems15,5$16,0$+0,5$
🛡General dynamics9,9$13,8$+3,9€
🏢Simon Property group38,5€11,6$-26,9$
⛽Exxon Mobil36,5$-36,5$
🏢Brookfield Property36,5$-36,5$
Total1 045€1.251€+206€


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