We will be placing our quarterly budgets to see how much we earn and spend that quarter. Main focus is on Saving rate, which show how much money we do not spend from our earning and that can be dedicated to investing.

PeriodSavingsSaving rate
Y2021 Budget+1.667 EUR+23%
2021 Q4 Budget
2021 Q3 Budget
2021 Q2 Budget
2021 Q1 Budget +1.667 EUR +23%
Y2020 Budget+3.285 EUR+10%
2020 Q4 Budget+158 EUR+3%
2020 Q3 Budget-289 EUR-4%
2020 Q2 Budget+1.625 EUR+15%
2020 Q1 Budget+1.791 EUR+20%
Y2019 Budget+1.411 EUR+5%
2019 Q4 Budget+1.736 EUR+17%
2019 Q3 Budget-1.072 EUR-18%
2019 Q2 Budget-1.005 EUR-17%
2019 Q1 Budget+1.755 EUR+20%
Y2018 Budget+4.046 EUR+16%
2018 Q4 Budget+1.130 EUR+16%
2018 Q3 Budget+839 EUR+14%
2018 Q2 Budget+772 EUR+14%
2018 Q1 Budget+1.302 EUR+18%
Y2017 Budget+1.911 EUR+9%
2017 Q4 Budget+547 EUR+10%
2017 Q3 Budget-872 EUR-17%
2017 Q2 Budget+324 EUR+6%
2017 Q1 Budget+1.913 EUR+30%
Y2016 Budget+2.280 EUR+11%
2016 Q4 Budget+858 EUR+17%
2016 Q3 Budget-108 EUR-2%
2016 Q2 Budget+1.023 EUR+19%
2016 Q1 Budget+467 EUR+11%
Y2015 Budget+1.439 EUR +8%
2015 Q4 Budget-86 EUR-2%
2015 Q3 Budget+226 EUR+5%
2015 Q2 Budget+66 EUR+1%
2015 Q1 Budget+1.329 EUR+30%
Y2014 Budget-1.051 EUR-7%
Y2014 Budget+2.119 EUR+14%