My first IPO – Ignitis group

Bought 25 shares of Ignitis group for 22,5 EUR/share. Dividends - 1,13EUR/share. Yield on cost after tax - 4,3%. Total forwad annual dividens added - 24 EUR. Thats right I participated in Ignitis group IPO. Glat that price was 22,5 EUR not the maximum bid of 28 EUR. Company is a Utility and actualy regulated... Continue Reading →

Recent buy – Intel (INTC)

Bought 12 shares of Intel (INTC) for 49,6$/share. Total cost - 513 EUR (595$) Annual post-tax dividend inome - 9,4 EUR. Yield on cost - 1,8% Funny fact, thia was actualy repurchase of INTC shares as I have divested 17 of then at beginning of y2019 for 52,8$/share. Yes I bought them back slightly cheaper,... Continue Reading →

Recent buy – Cicso Systems (CSCO)

Bought 15 shares of Cisco Systems (CSCO) for 42,14$/share. Total cost - 541 EUR (642$) Annual post-tax dividend inome - 12,7 EUR. Yield on cost - 2,4% Its been a while now since my last purchase as the market is back to its record highs, but there it was a buying opportunity. Cisco share has... Continue Reading →

Catching the dip #3 – Wells Fargo (WFC)

Bought 20 shares of Wells Fargo (WFC) for 30,6$/share. Total cost - 567 EUR (621$) Annual post-tax dividend inome - 26 EUR. Yield on cost - 4,6%. Looks like my past two purchases of most declined positions BP and BPY sucesfully rebounded. This time I tought to do some diversification and go into sector that... Continue Reading →

Catching the dip – British petroleum (BP)

Bought 175 shares of British petroleum (BP) for 3,3€. Total cost - 587€. Annual post-tax dividend inome - 62 EUR. Yield on cost - 10,6%(!!!). As you know the market is a bloodbath lately due to coronavirus and a great buying opportunity. Still sad about Lesson learned – stick to your strategy. And there was... Continue Reading →

Recent buy #3 – Altria Group (MO)

Bought 20 shares of Altria Group (MO) for 51$. Total cost - 1.020$. Annual dividend inome - 42 EUR (47$). Yield on cost - 4,6%. So after purchase of oil companies and REITs my eye was caught by another group that pays massive dividends - tobacco companies. And two of them are dominating DGI folk... Continue Reading →

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