Office REIT peer comparison

Peer comparison of largest 15 REITs with rentable office space >1 million m2.   As you know I have invested in REITs lately with Catching the dip #2 – Brookfield Property Partners (BPY) and Catching the dip #4 – Simon Property Group (SPG). Due to their massive yields. Now i'm looking at office REITs as I... Continue Reading →

Catching the dip #2 – Brookfield Property Partners (BPY)

Bought 65 shares of Brookfield Property Partners (BPY) for 7,9$/share. Total cost - 475 EUR (523$) Annual post-tax dividend inome - 56 EUR. Yield on cost - 11,8%(!!!). Well looks like my first Catching the dip – British petroleum (BP) turned out more or less ok. Altough my purchase price of 3,3 EUR was not the... Continue Reading →

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