2020 Q2 Dividend income

Ok now lets go to most important topic of this blog - dividends. A month late but still lets move to numbers of Q2. And there was lots of changes here since Q1. 2020 Q2 Dividends: One thing we can celebrate for sure is a record dividend income in a single quarter - 332 EUR. Sure... Continue Reading →

2020 Q1 Dividend income

Finally some fresh air in this crazy world - dividend income of 2020 Q1. As I bite my nails due to early purchases and Lesson learned – stick to your strategy. It was refreshing to see all of my new purchases paying thouse high yield dividends and all hitting my account as planned. My main... Continue Reading →

Y2019 Dividend increases

Lets keep tradition and have a look how my investments did during Y2019 with their dividends increases: Company Y2018 Dividends Y2019 Dividends Change Tallinna Vesi         0,360         0,750 108% Tallinna Kaubamaja         0,690         0,710 3% Harju Electrics         0,240         0,180 -25% Exxon Mobile         0,820         0,870 6% Jonson&Jonson         0,900        ... Continue Reading →

Y2019 Dividend income

Happy holidays everybody 🙂 As it is the end of the year and the end of the quarter lets have a look at our dividend income. 2019 Q4 Dividends: This quarter we received 69 EUR. XOM has joined our dividend payers this quarter so we have a small +10% increase compared YoY to 2018Q4 - 63$.... Continue Reading →

2019 Q3 Dividend income

And figures of last quarter, which was actually quite boring due to no investments and cash accumulation (spending). 2019 Q3 Dividends: Dividend received this quarter 61 EUR was again purely from our US holdings and was the same as last quarter due to no sales, no buys and no dividend increases during this quarter. Company... Continue Reading →

2019 Q2 Dividend income

Just a quick update on our dividend income at this quarter. 2019 Q2 Dividends: This dividend income reached 196 EUR. Compared to 234 EUR year before income was -16% lower. Most of the decrease came from sale of some of our holdings. If we look deeper our largest dividend payer Tallina kaubajama paid almost same dividends... Continue Reading →

2019 Q1 Dividend income

Surprise surprise, the 2019Q1 is coming to it's end and as a DGI blog one of most important post is to track the dividend income and since i'm doing it on quarterly basis, so here it is 🙂 2019 Q1 Dividends: This quarter we received 57 EUR. Compared to 2017 Q1 21 EUR YoY growth remains... Continue Reading →

Y2018 Dividend increases

I thought as a DGI kind of guy I should look trough my portfolio dividend changes during Y2018 🙂 Frankly speaking I was not very satisfied what I found 😦 Baltic companies was volatile in dividends as usual. MRK and KNF increased their dividends almost x2 which were one-off increases lead by some need from... Continue Reading →

Y2018 Dividend income

2018 Q4 Dividends: This quarter we received 63 EUR. Compared to 2017Q4 41 EUR YoY growth stands at  nice +54%. As you can see the 'red' income from US companies is taking over the graph. This quarter new dividend payer SO joined the family with +6,3$ quarterly payments. Also VZ and AEP increased their dividends bringing... Continue Reading →

2018 Q3 Dividends

So the 3rd quarter has passed with superb new on our family enlargement 🙂 So lets get down to some numbers as despite low sleep and fewer time left I will try to stay with my routine on these reports. Not much action was on dividend income side, but as you can see dividends from... Continue Reading →

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