Y2022 Dividend increases (cuts)

Lets see how dividend growth was doing last year:

CompanyY2022 DividendsY2021 DividendsYoY changeLast year
🛒Tallinna Kaubamaja0,6800,600+13%-18%
⛽British petroleum0,6000,550+9%+4%
🥘General mills0,5400,510+6%
🛡General dynamics1,2601,190+6%+8%
🔌American Electric Power0,8300,780+6%+5%
🚿Proctor & Gamble0,9130,870+5%+10%
⛽Royal Dutch Shell0,2500,240+4%+44%
💻Cisco Systems0,3800,370+3%+3%
📶Verzon Communication0,6530,640+2%+2%
🔌Consolidated Edison0,7900,775+2%+1%
🏢Realty income0,2490,246+1%+8%
🍅Kraft Heinz0,4000,400
💧Tallinna Vesi0,6500,650-35%
🏢SL Green0,2710,311-19%
🏢Baltic horizon0,0130,017-24%-35%

2022 was quite good – 17 increases, 3 flat, 3 decreases. Sad 2 cutters Baltic horizon and AT&T were one of my largest investments. Other Ignitis, TKM and JNJ does quite good. Looks like im more into comebacks then DGI 🤔

Ou and looks like my hopes for 2022 was 1/2 as ruskies started war (thank god china didnt). 2023 look gloomy as recession looms, but it might be one of the best with russians losing the war.


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