It’s Dot-com bubble 2.0

I was looking at my oil and REIT heavy portfolio missing growth while stock market rised to unseen heights. I started to wonder where did I went wrong. Everyone is hitting the ceilings and im remaining at the bottom. Then I started to investigate what was the main drivers for this stock market rally. In... Continue Reading →

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The big day has arrived #2!

Hi, guys! Sorry its been a while now. Good news is that we are a family of 4 right now. For a week we have a son now. 3,9 kg and 56cm. Son is healthy, so is my wife and bigger daughter 🙂 I was a bit overwhelmed with events but lets look at the... Continue Reading →

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My first IPO – Ignitis group

Bought 25 shares of Ignitis group for 22,5 EUR/share. Dividends - 1,13EUR/share. Yield on cost after tax - 4,3%. Total forwad annual dividens added - 24 EUR. Thats right I participated in Ignitis group IPO. Glat that price was 22,5 EUR not the maximum bid of 28 EUR. Company is a Utility and actualy regulated... Continue Reading →

2020 Q3 Budget

As each quarter we finish with the budget. Sad this was a negative quarter, but all the major spending of 2020 is completes and we should do ok in 2020. Goal #1 will  probably fail, but thats not the main point. Income: This quarter income was bit lower then last one  - 7,6 kEUR. My... Continue Reading →

2020 Q3 Sports

Since Q3 is overs its time to check how is our sports goals doing: Run 300 km. Weeel not so dandy 🙂 During last 3 months I run only 17 km and most was during last 2 weeks of September. Sum of 2020 - 106 km  I was totally out of my running stuff. Now renewed... Continue Reading →

2020 Q3 Dividend income

2020 third quarter has almost ended so its time to count the dividends. 2020 Q3 Dividends: Again another record breaking dividend income - 160 EUR. One clear milestone reached - US dividends has crossed 100 EUR/quarter mark. YoY result +163% from 61 EUR received during 2019 Q3. This was due to large investment made during... Continue Reading →

Recent buy – Intel (INTC)

Bought 12 shares of Intel (INTC) for 49,6$/share. Total cost - 513 EUR (595$) Annual post-tax dividend inome - 9,4 EUR. Yield on cost - 1,8% Funny fact, thia was actualy repurchase of INTC shares as I have divested 17 of then at beginning of y2019 for 52,8$/share. Yes I bought them back slightly cheaper,... Continue Reading →

Recent buy – Cicso Systems (CSCO)

Bought 15 shares of Cisco Systems (CSCO) for 42,14$/share. Total cost - 541 EUR (642$) Annual post-tax dividend inome - 12,7 EUR. Yield on cost - 2,4% Its been a while now since my last purchase as the market is back to its record highs, but there it was a buying opportunity. Cisco share has... Continue Reading →

2020 Q2 Budget

As always last report after 2020 Q2 Dividend incomea and 2020 Q2 Sports comes the budget. Quarantine has ended at mid of June, so this was pretty much quarantined quarter. me to review our budget. It was interesting to see how much we spend and received 🙂 Corona virus is spreading across the globe and we... Continue Reading →

2020 Q2 Sports

Ok now onward to sport stuff. Things were very good until May when I stoped with sport :(Run 300 km.Durring first halfyear (actualy first 4 months) I managed to run 89 km or 30% of the annual goal. Later on zero in May (exept first day with 5,5km) June and July. I still have 5 months... Continue Reading →

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