Y2020 Dividend increases (cuts)

As in 2019 we look how companies that we are invested changed their dividends in 2020:

CompanyY2019 DividendsY2020 DividendsChange
💧Tallinna Vesi0,7501,000+33%
🚿Proctor & Gamble0,7460,791+6%
🔌American Electric Power0,7000,740+6%
🥘General mills0,4900,510+4%
🛒Tallinna Kaubamaja0,7100,730+3%
🔌Consolidated Edison0,7400,765+3%
💻Cisco Systems0,3500,360+3%
📶Verzon Communication0,6150,629+2%
📶AT&T 0,5100,520+2%
🏢Brookfield Property Partners0,3300,333+1%
🍅Kraft Heinz0,4000,400
⛽Exxon Mobile0,8700,870
🏢Baltic horizon0,0270,026-2%*
🛠Harju Electrics0,1800,140-22%
🏢Simon Property Group2,1001,300-38%
⛽British petroleum0,1050,053-50%
⛽Royal Dutch Shell0,4700,167-65%
🏦Wells Fargo 0,5100,100-80%
* restablished dividends in Q4

Again as in 2019 we have low dividend growth portfolio with annual increases of 2-6%↗️. Looks like my two Healthcare JNJ and PFE💊 stocks were the most growing their dividends. This makes me wonder to increase my holdings there as it makes only 8%. Two holdings KHC🍅 and XOM⛽ maintained their dividends. Took a look at how KHC is doing and actualy doing quite well, growing sales and cash flow. Ignore the Net loss due to goodwill writr-offs its a none-cashflow item, company generates profit and grows it. GIS🥘 finally increased dividends this year.

The we have a bottom reds🔻dominated by Oil and REIT companies. Sad about BPY🏢 that managed to hold their juicy dividends and even increased if compared 2019 to 2020. So my largest holding BH🏢 recovered dividends in Q4 and now has only -2% YoY. SPG🏢 slashed its dividends by suprisingly small -38%, I actualy predicted by half. Then came the oil companies – major disappointments of 2020: BP⛽ -50% actualy bearable cut, but RDSA⛽ -65% or cut by x3 was too much and if not 35€ fee for sale in AMSD exchange it would be sold. Now RDSA is put in a L/T investment box with a hope that it will turn out to become leading renewable company in the future. Actualy I have such hopes for both BP and RDSA that in 10-20y they will become leading global renewable companies. This is the way (cheesy saying from one serial) 😊 XOM should follow, but I think that they could remain more into oil then the European counterparts. Last we have WFC🏦 my main investment mistake in 2020. I had a very good Lesson learned – stick to your strategy. For that I thank 2020.


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